This page lists some of my favorite WEB-sites

  • The Hichhiker Guide to the Galaxy - Earth Edition
    Yes, this is it. They made it. It's even portable trough it's WAP-interface. Good humor, rich content, nice design, fresh and young. Great.
  • The lonely planet
    A good traveling guide to the planet Earth.
  • FUNPic
    A great and enormous collection of funny pictures and videos.
  • The Official Darwin Awards site
    Darwin Awards celebrate the theory of evolution by commemorating the remains of those who improved our gene pool by removing themselves from it in really stupid ways.
  • MTA-Sztaki English - Hungarian dictionary
    A fairly complete dictionary that's getting better each day.
  • BitScope
    A completely open 100MHz digital oscillsocope design
  • OldMachines
    A great collection of old computers. Hungarian speaking though.
  • DigiKey
    The definitve source for electronics components for the hobbiest
  • Interface Hall of Shame
    User interface design at its worst. Funny but also very educational reading.
  • OpenOffice
    A feature-rich and free alternative to other Office products. The program once called StarOffice.
  • SysInternals
    These people just hacking the hell out of Windows (and now from Linux). A whole pile of extremely useful utilities.
  • Circuit Repair Guidebook
    You wouldn't imageine how many problems can be repaired in an electronic circuit.
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