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In the following you will find some pages about various SW and HW topics. They are organized around hobby projects I started recently but also contain many links to interesting areas all around the web.


A modular system designed for low-volume production, prototyping and for hobby projects. Especially suited for robotics since it's small, flexible and low power. The system contains CPU and peripherial cards of the size of the standard 72-pin (old EDO RAM) style modules and custom-designed application-specific motherboards. This way you can take space/power/expandability considerations into account while using off-the-selves components for the core functionality. Also, by having various CPU cards for example you have an upgrade path if you need a more powerful CPU or, with the peripherial cards if you need to switch from RS232 to USB or Ethernet. The project pages are now hosted by RTD Ltd.

Free cores

OpenCores is a community of HW developers designing and publishing FPGA/ASIC designs free on their web-site. I developed two cores for this site:

ARM vault

An initial collection of useful information on ARM processors. Expect to become more and more complete as I have more time to play around with these awesome devices.

Bit-block Converters

Here you will find my new analog to digital converter implementation. The technique is based on the well-known process to convert base-10 fractional numbers between 0 and 1 to their base-2 representation. I show different configurations featuring different speed, complexity and accuracy tradeoffs. I also show converters with continuous time analog domain and logarithmic output.
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