Curriculim Vitae

Personal details

Name: Andras TANTOS

Position: Software developer
Date/place of birth: Jan. 24. 1973, Budapest
Nationality: Hungarian
Languages: English fluent


Sept. 1991 - May 1996: Technical University of Budapest,
Faculty of Electrical Engineering (MSEE)
Major in digital system design
Sept. 1987 - May 1991: High school on mathematical faculty at Budapest


2002 - Microsoft, Visual C++ back-end division
Software developer
2000 - 2001 Cisco CPS, DVB head-end division
Firmware engineer
1997 - 2000 Robot Control Software Ltd.,
1996 - 1997 IMS Ltd.,
IT management, web-master
1995 - 1996 Acoustic Research Laboratory of the Hungarian Academy of Science
1992 - 1995 Real Time Devices Europe Ltd.,

Competitions and conferences

1996AES diploma contest second prize.
1996National scientific student conference third prize.
1995First Hungarian FPGA Programming Contest first prize.
1991National 'Tihamer Nemes' Programming Contest 7th prize.

Hardware development experience

I developed a modular development platform for embedded applications and robotics, called SIMM-Sys for RCS Ltd. The system contains inter-changeable CPU cards, various peripherial cards and an application-specific motherboard. You can find the details on the web-site: I've continued developing systems based on this technology as a hobby.

I'm an active member of the OpenCores group, where I developed VHDL IP cores for generic Wishbone bus functions and a monitor controller core for micro-controllers. The web-site of the community is:, the project pages are: and

As a contractor I co-developed an educational system, called Mixi model U, for universities to teach the basics of microprocessor peripherial design and system-interfacing. The core of the system was a Xilinx 4000 series FPGA. The web-site for this project can be found at

In the university I've learned high and low level digital system design, analog and digital audio system design, the basics of acoustic engineering, digital signal-processing, VLSI integrated circuit design (theory and practice), computer graphics, FPGA and EPLD design, advanced CPU architectures and some high reliability system design techniques. I developed a DSP processor based audio signal processing card for the PC ISA architecture, using ADSP2115 DSP processor and 16-bit stereo sigma-delta converter ICs. The board also used Altera EPLDs for DRAM interfacing, digital I/O and glue-logic. I've used PSPICE to analyze various analog and mixed-signal circuits, especially A/D converters.

Software development experience

At my current employer I develop various in-house tools to help developers and testers to do their job better in the Visual C++ product unit. I'm responsible for the automated checkin validation tool of the unit, called Gauntlet.

I was part of a multi-national development team that produced the 'Box of Tricks' software at RCS Ltd. This program helps hearing impared children to learn correct pronaciation. We developed the program in C++ using the Windows DirectX API. The core signal processing module was written in assembly. I also took part in the developmen of the rMPL and the Oops library.

I worked on various contracts for Lufthansa Systems, Alstom, Continental Teves, RTD Europa Ltd. and others. During these assignments I've used HTML, server and client-side scripting, SQL, ADA, C, C++, Pascal, Intel, ARM and Analog Devices DSP assembly languages. I've developed programs for embedded systems as well as for QNX, Solaris, Windows (16, and 32-bit) and MS DOS platforms.

Communication systems experience

I've worked on various projects using many aspects of the TCP/IP stack and various application level protocols. At Cisco CPS I've worked on a broad-band cable-router using the DVB standard. There I've gained some hands-on experience of various modulation and demodulation schemes along with forward-error-correction and source-coding methods.

Professional interest

I'm interested in mixed-signal and digital design, hardware development or hardware-related programming and I would like to improve my skills in that area too. I am looking forward participating project in this field.

I would like to practice and learn new technologies in challenging projects. I think I can learn fast, work hard and communicate well.

Additional information

My favorite occupations apart from electronics are listening and playing music, reading and traveling. I like playing bridge. I have been married since 1998.

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